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In an attempt to kick off my groups, I'd like to hold some contests and could use some points as prizes. I could also use some more members, so if you can't donate but like 3d art, please join!

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WAVE Animated (Hatsune Miku)
A demonstration of using MMD models in Blender to create awesome animations. This was made in Blender Internal, I'm practicing with cycles to improve the shaders. My apologies for the bad quality, had to make this into a flash file in order to submit. Better quality MP4 here: WAVE(HM)

If you are interested in creating such animations, please join my new club MMD2Blender-MMDArt. We want all the members we can get. All join requests are auto-accepted. I will post weekly tutorials and tips on how to create these animations and try to help anyone who needs assistance. All MMD-Related artwork is accepted, we are not picky (If you have something you would like to contribute, please do, we do not reject any art unless it contains overly mature content). 3d art will also be accepted even if not mmd related.

Contact me if you would like to be an admin, contributor etc. Suggestions on how to improve the group and expand our member base are welcome.

If we get enough members, I look forward to holding contests.

Enjoy! :D


TDA Miku Trio DL by Xoriu


DT Stargazer Stage Download by  Dan1024

Motion: by MOKA

Music: Original ->…
Group: MMD2Blender!
Just created a new group MMD2Blender-MMDArtAll miku fans welcome!

We hope to create a collection of all artwork, animations and tutorials MMD related regardless of what engine is used.

We will provide training in using MMD -> Blender using Sugiany's mmd_tools add-on.

The main goal is to help others get started and aid them in creating MMD works, especially in Blender which has the benefits of having more realistic shaders (Cycles) and better functionality on Mac.

Model: TDA Miku Xoriu ver.
Medusa's Scheme
Thought I'd try out the Fan Art Generator challenge.

My randomly generated mashup was: Medusa, on a deserted island, planning an elaborate scheme.
I realize that they probably meant the Marvel Medusa, but I think the fact that interpretation is up to the artist is what makes this so much fun! ;) (Wink) 

So here I combined MMD with Greek Mythology, theorizing that Perseus (who is said to have killed Medusa) actually killed Euryale, one of Medusa's sisters. Thus Sthenno and Medusa are here on a deserted island plotting their revenge on Perseus. The plot actually details the events leading to Perseus' downfall according to mythology.:D (Big Grin) 

The models belong to:

Medusa Sonika [MMD Monsters Collab] + Dlby misstygerda

MMD Model DL - Office Gorgonby Sockaccountlol

The rest is modeled by me in Blender.

In case anyone else wants to try, it's an interesting source for inspiration. Might make more if I get time.

Generate yours!

Boat Ride(Animated WIP)
Another practice using paths in Blender. The path is used to both create the track and set up the motion of the camera and boats. The track and facade are loosely based on the Small World ride at Disney World. This is an improvement form my first test, Rollercoaster, which proved quite disorienting. ;) (Wink)  Hope you enjoy! :D (Big Grin) 
Silent Lake (SadSol)
This is my first major 3d scene. I created it based on SadSol's Untitled.

I always wanted to practice my modeling skills and create a full scene without the help of a tutorial, but I needed inspiration. 

Then I discovered the world of SadSol, and immediately found the inspiration I needed. Thank you so much SadSol, for allowing me to use your art to create this! Hope you enjoy it. More will follow. :D

This model took me about a day to create in Blender 3d. The lighting and background color took forever to choose.


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United States
I have been animating with Blender for about a year now, Love to assist others in their Blendevors! :D


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I think the Blender installation package includes the Blender python interface, you shouldn't need to download python unless you plan on using outside addons (downloaded off the web). Everything you need to get started with Blender is included in the installation package. System requirements are minimal and can be found here:…
So just download and install Blender for your computer interface, and get started with some tutorials! Enjoy!:D (Big Grin) Blender La Blender Icon 
If you experience any problems, you can always try installing the latest version of python to your computer.
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